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4995 rue Angers, Montréal, Québec
450 522-8702

By Musicians for Musicians

Sud-Ouest Recording service was built by musicians for musicians.

Inspired by Sam Philips’ famous “Sun Studio,” our name is an homage to its original name,
the “Memphis Recording Service.”

With one live room, one control room, a small kitchenette, and a beautiful selection of vintage instruments, tape machines and outboard gear, you will find everything you need here to make real music.

We believe the essence of music resides in its humanity and the interplay between musicians. When it feels good, it is good. Our philosophy is to get it right up front–go for a vibe and commit.

That’s how so many of the timeless records we listen to were made, and that’s how we make records.


Live tracking, overdubs, straight to tape, our in-house engineers have got you covered.


Our hybrid mixing setup allows us to mix both in the box and on our Soundcraft 200b board.

Drum tracking

Need drums recorded for your project? Take advantage of our in-house drummers and array of vintage snares and drums

Some of Our Clients

Duff Thompson
Gus Englehorn
Sasha Cay
Joe Abbott

The Gardeners
Maïa Davies

Erik Fines
Frisco Lee
The Bambies

Our Equipment

Hit us up!

Write us a message if you would like to book a session or discuss your project with us; we will be more than happy to have you come by the studio first to check it out and show you around.